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Brand Apparel

BAM 100

BAW 100


*Colors may appear different on your monitor than actual shirt.

Quantity  White   Colors
    1-24          $7.40    $8.20
   25-48    $7.03    $7.79
   49-72    $6.67    $7.38
  73-108  $6.29    $6.97
 109-144                    $5.92   $6.56
 145-288           $5.55    $6.15
 288 and up    quote        quote

BRAND Apparel is the complete vertical American shirt. Our cotton is grown on USA farms, then spun into yarn, knit into a fine ringspun jersey fabric, cut, sewn and trimmed all right here in the USA! From Seed to Shirt, BRAND apparel is HomeGrown! You'll be as proud to wear BRAND Apparel as we are to sell it. 

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Why Use Our Services?

  • Quality clothing at
    affordable prices
  • We’re organically driven unlike most “print shops”
  • We have over 25 years
    of experience
  • Using the latest technology,
    we can print for any sized
    demand within a 2 week
    turn around

Sustainable Apparel
Check here for the latest additions to organic, recycled, bamboo, hemp: sustainable apparel. 
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